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Barry Mapp is the UK's no.1 challenger of current thinking.

He can take any subject or business sector and challenge the many assumptions that underpin the current Status Quo.

He can get an audience to see beyond their limiting beliefs and begin to think about the current issues from a totally new perspective that Barry calls "Real World Thinking"

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Barry will say the things that many Business Leaders don't actually want to hear or simply can't believe - like "Rewards Sabotage Creativity"


Question your Assumptions

1st Question: Has the current thinking in your business or sector helped or hindered the creation of long-lasting solutions?
2nd Question: How confident are you that your company's recent actions are making matters better rather than worse?
3rd Question: If you could view potential solutions through a "consequences" lens would that be helpful?

Barry provides insights into what we currently assume and he shows us how to alter the assumptions that are no longer helpful and that hinder our progress and improvement.

He provides a framework based on 'Real World Thinking' that empowers you to transform your business or your sector.

Barry does not provide quick fixes, but he shows how to engineer creative, lasting, and permanent improvement.


Real World Thinking

Barry provides some profound insight and a framework for Real-World Thinking. He shows how the way we have been taught to think is primitive and assumes the world is a "Black and White" entity which it clearly is not.

This simplistic thinking has led to very inadequate models and theories about "How the World Works" and unfortunately this limited way of thinking now permeates every walk of life on Planet Earth (In Business, Science, Education, Politics, Management, Parenting etc)

Barry shows how we can replace such primitive "reptilian" thinking with a way that reflects what actually happens in the "Real World" and is more in tune with our higher human capabilities and values


Transformation becomes Possible

“Whatever sector you work in, Barry will change the assumptions you are making about your business. He will transform your thinking and help you generate innovative new solutions to all your current issues”

Carol Gallant,  MD,  Create a Future


Contact Barry

For further information you can email Barry direct (click on side button) or call Barry on his iphone at +44 7595 701409 You can book him for Telephone Coaching, Consultancy, to present a Keynote or run a Workshop at your next Corporate Event or Conference.

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